performed by Ricardo de la Torre

All Mixed Up for middle school string orchestra   (2014), 4'

Inconveniences for chamber orchestra (2013), 6'

Images of Eleven People ​(2012), 25'


He Wrote Me A Poem [from American Gothic] by Lee Kalcheim & Samuel Lord Kalcheim; arranged for       mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra (2016), 3"

performed by the CU Boulder violin and viola studios

Rovescio ​for string quartet (2012), 15'​​

​​​When Awake for SSAATTBB chorus and prepared piano (2015), 8'

Psalm 16: a michtam of David ​for SATB chorus a cappella (2013), 5'

Unwilting for soprano, alto, cello, and piano (2011), 5'

Selection from 'High Flight' for SATB chorus a cappella (2010), 6'

choreographed by Sonya Smith


​La Puerta del Vino ​by Claude Debussy; arranged for orchestra (2014), 4"

Pavane for oboe, alto flute, English horn, and bassoon (2014), 6'

Effusion for flute (2014), 3'

Music for 'Beneath the Text', an aerial dance performance for two violins, viola, and bass clarinet            (2013), 30'


performed by the Alpine String Quartet

Fanfare (2010), 4'

Straining ​for flute, clarinet, horn, trumpet, bass drum, viola, and cello (2014), 8'

En Masse for violins and violas (2014), 9'

Morgan Denney  composer

Halls of Air for flute (2010), 2'

​Duet for Violin and Viola ​(2009), 8'​​

performed by Cameron May and Daniel Benitz


​But Men Loved Darkness rather than Light  for baritone and piano (2015), 4'

Romance & Tango for violin and piano (2014), 14'


From You Have I Been Absent for flute, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, piano, violin, and cello (2016), 15'

How Are You?: a conversation between acquaintances ​for bassoon and double bass (2015), 6'

Notwithstanding (2016), 7'

White-Knuckling​​ ​for cello (2016), 7'

Air for oboe and string quartet (2015), 9'​​​​​

Two Moods for Brass Quintet (2013), 8'

Senary Blues for three violins, viola, cello, and guitar (2013), 4'

Variations on a Theme of John Beall for piano (2013), 15'​​

Aberration Dance for clarinet, horn, violin, and viola (2011), 8'

Prospect for clarinet (2011), 2'

String Trio ​(2011), 12'

Lealtad ​for violin and piano (2010), 5'

Imagery ​for piano (2010), 3'

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Each of the following pieces is available for performance and/or recording.

Please contact Morgan to inquire about scores and parts.